Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elizabeth in Soft Light at Dusk

Last weekend I traveled to Cocoa Beach to visit relatives and witness the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour.  The shuttle photography was challenging as we were looking in the direction of the light and it was only the low cloud cover that prevented lens flare and made it possible to get decent phots. 

But the evening before I enjoyed some of the best light I've ever experienced with my camera in my hand.  After enjoying a fantastic home cooked dinner with Liz and David, we went out cruising on a boat before sunset and were washed in some fantastic soft light.  I took advantage of that for nearly two hours, shooting away with Elizabeth and trying to create some nice images.  Balancing fill flash with ambient light in this situation was so amagingly easy that it was fun.   It's not difficult to see that I could really enjoy  doing a lot more of this kind of photography.  It was so much fun creating the images you see here with almost no effort.  And obvioulsy it helped to have such an attractive subject in front of the lens.   Thanks for your willingness to pose for the photos, Liz.   I hope you like the results....

[click on any image for a larger view]

I decided to post this to share a look at some of my favorite images from that evening with anyone who may be interested.  Thanks to David, Elizabeth, and Patty for a fantastic weekend, for wonderful company and a lot of just plain fun.  It was the perfect weekend and a sort of escape for me, having just been through my 2nd round of chemotherapy.  And thanks again to Liz for posing for these images.  

More images can be seen at the link below:


  1. She looked very attractive. Brilliant photographs.

  2. You haven't lost your touch...these are all wonderful photographs and the light looks natural, flash is something I always avoided but I'm attempting to learn to use it one more time...good luck with keeping your energy level up...luv the bird photos!!!