Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

96987 - Great Blue Heron

I recently made a quick trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and have finally gotten around to posting a few photos.  This great blue heron was standing in some grass near a pond and was in pretty good light.   I made quite a few shots but I like the head angle on this one the best.

Below is a full body shot of the same bird.  (Click on any image for a larger view.)
97008 - Great Blue Heron
And finally, one with a fish.

96969 - Great Blue Heron
I have never managed to get a really good shot of a belted kingfisher, and as of today I still haven't.  This one below is probably my best effort so far, but it is cropped from a larger image. These birds spook easily and it's very difficult to approach one to get a closer shot.

40-14265 Belted Kingfisher

The last two are a reddish egret and a tricolor heron.  

97137 - Reddish Egret

96848 - Tricolor Heron


  1. This is a wonderful set of pictures Tim and I love the kingfisher most. It is a beautiful bird and you got a wonderful picture of it!

  2. Nice work Tim. I look forward to learning from you at Cumberland Island.